Glee Club

An exciting opportunity now exists for TSA schools to have their very own Glee Club.

Most of us have seen shows on TV such as Glee, The Voice, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and X Factor. Like you see on TV, we will now be offering selected students within TSA schools an opportunity to develop their creative abilities through singing and dancing.

Students are chosen through an audition process with up to 4 vocal students and 10 dance students to participate in this exciting group. The vocal and dance groups then rehearse both separately as well as coming together for some combined rehearsals to prepare for performances. Some schools may have a Junior & Senior Glee Club to facilitate more talented students.

Professional teachers provide training in stage presence, microphone & vocal technique, dance technique, confidence building, costuming and teamwork. All students are given CD’s or DVD’s to take home to help them practice their routines at home each week.

Students are also given the opportunity to perform at school events with professional costumes, backing tracks and stage equipment which is all provided by TSA.

Weekly rehearsals are held at school, out of class hours, as nominated by the school principals. Students are asked to commit for at least 2 terms to ensure consistency in rehearsals and performance preparation.

For more information on Glee Club, or to find out if your school is providing this opportunity to its students, please contact Ben in the TSA office on 9651 7333 or

Please also visit our dedicated Glee Club website for further information and pictures of performances and events.

For schools that do not already have a TSA program, you are more than welcome to enquire about starting a Glee Club in your school.

Superstar Discovered in Glee Club Audition!

As soon as Yohan opened his mouth for his Glee Club audition at Beaumont Hills Public School, we knew we had stumbled across a child with an amazing natural talent.

Yohan only recently came to Australia and is now following a dream he has had since he was 3 years old, to be a superstar!

This sort of talent does not come without sacrifice. Yohan has been studying music with his father since he was 3 years old and has practised nearly every single day since. His life has always been his music and now the hard work is all starting to pay off.

Yohan is a valued member of the Beaumont Hills PS Glee Club and gets many opportunities to perform for the school & community. He is currently also exploring the avenues that music is opening up for him to perform in front of much bigger audiences with the goal of live band gigs and television acts.

Please encourage all TSA students to take the time to be inspired & watch Yohan in this video. Make sure you listen to the guitar solo at 4 minutes 20 seconds.

If you want the opportunity to open up new avenues and be discovered, talk to us about starting a Glee Club at your school today.

Ben Miesch

Director - Teaching Services Australia